Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boston Baked Beans

I love travel. I adore it. I would marry it if possible…extreme? Perhaps. However, I have had so many great experiences that I am almost addicted! Last I left you, I was complaining about the regional service, well, I’m on the Acela now…on my way back to New York, and the dated Penn Station. I can already feel this train moving much faster and it is much more comfortable. It’s still a bit dirty, but I can live with this. The speed is really great. The power port is not working though, so I don’t know how long I can keep the laptop. Updates when I can!

Wow, this thing moves FAST! We’re already at and it’s only been around 15 minuets! This is going to make things very nice for the rest of the trip..

The only downside to this particular trip is that I have a longer layover in New York. This train arrives at around 7:45pm. The trains leaving Grand Central for my school depart at 7:50 and 8:50pm. So…unless I get in early, I have some time to kill. Last time, I bought a gyro on the street. I’m thinking I will do the same this time around.

Providence, Rhode Island: 4:45pm. And it is really dark too. Damn.

And…yes, yes I am just typing down my thoughts and feeling about arbitrary things. What did you think a blog was?

No pics of food this time around…sorry. The food was really nothing special, it was more about the company. That is what made it such a great breakfast. We were all able to sit back and reminisce, and talk, and really just enjoy each others company along with funny coincidence that landed us all in Boston.

I’ll have a better recap later…for now..homework.

Oh, and I never got to try a Boston Baked Bean. Oh well.

P.S. I understand some of this post is out of context. I swear I'll fill you in!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Federal Government

Election, election, Rumsfeld, Bush, Democrats, House, Senate, Pelosi, Dean, Amtrak…what? Turns out everything I’ve listed are related. Unbeknownst to me, Amtrak is owned and operated by the U.S. Federal Government, no wonder their service sucks!
Of course I am happy that the Democrats won the house and the senate, something about “checks and balances” comes to mind…it’s a familiar feeling. Like something I (we) once knew, but lost somewhere along the line. I get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that one branch of government had its leaves trimmed.

On (apparently) a related note: I’m sitting in the first coach car of AM174, Regional service to Boston, MA. Why? I dunno, figured I would go have some fun this weekend. Brennon and Daniel go to school up there, Emily is nearby, and as it happens, my father is going to be in town as well.
Quick! Where is Exit 15 on 1? What do you mean what 1? The 1! The 1 that leaves New York City! Where that is, I am…er…was. Coming up on 16 now..heh.
All this aside, I’m really enjoying all the traveling I have been doing recently. I really need to find a job that lets me travel like this. Trans, Planes (my particular favorite method of transportation) and Automobiles baby!

So…not much substance in this post, I apologize. I’ve been trying to design a new class schedule for next semester. I’ll attach an image of my plans (yeah, my handwriting sucks…)

I did move that evening class in between the first two though. It works out a lot better. Just need to work on the M and W classes.

Note 1: Passing an I-95 toll booth, I assume the tracks follow the Interstate.
Note 2: Turns out that at least part of the track is shared with the Metro-North New Haven Line. I really wish trains had internet access.
Note 3: This makes me sad, we’re coming up on the Tappen Ze Bridge, which means I am basically going to be parallel my campus. I was on a 10:40 train to the city to catch this 1:00 to Boston. It’s now 2, and I’m just starting to make headway…good thing I like transportation! (Rye Station on the New Haven line, I-287)
Note 4: 5 o’clock and all is well…I guess there are more stops on this train than I had previously thought. Rhode Island is very beautiful though. Coming up on 128 right now, then just one more stop until South Station. Phew! I think Acela is the best way to go from now on!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Phily Pt. II

Hey hey!
I've already been back to Philly since I last left you all, and I am going back next I figured I would finish up the story.

Andre greeted me at 30th Street Station with his usual big smile, and playful demeanor. Like a scene out of a buddy movie, I dropped my luggage and we embraced as if long lost friends who had not seen each other in decades. (Reflecting, the lighting was perfect in the main concourse for a warm movie scene...) We did a quick game of catch-up before we figured out a way to get to his dorm. Eventually, we got on SEPTA (the subway) and took it to City Hall, and walked the rest of the way.

I met a few on André's friends, and that night we went to Pat's for cheese stake (the ONLY place to go hehe). Afterwards, we cabbed it up to this independent movie theater to see This Film is Not Yet Rated, defiantly a movie you should check out. A short walk back to his dorm concluded the evening.

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at this mini-mart/diner (the best types of breakfast places), and were pretty spontaneous the rest of the day.

André and needed a place to eat on Saturday. Previous to this, we had spent time exploring Philadelphia (which is a beautiful city by the way), and went to an outdoor concert with some of his friends. I forget the band now, but it was a lot of fun. That night he and I could not decide on a place to fill our gullets. We had taken cabs, been up and down Broad street, and were getting desperate. A quick call to my father landed us at this small place in Chinatown called SangKee. I don't know how he knew about this place, but I'll tell you Chinese food outside of NYC!

As you can see, we ordered enough for about four people, and we didn't wait long before we dug in!

André with Chow Faun ...
The Aftermath:

As if this wasn't enough, the next morning we headed out for a nice breakfast :)
Unsure of exactly where to go, we started walking around Center City, mainly just seeing what was reasonable. Within the half-hour we had come across this place called MarathonGrill. I was alright, could have been a little bit better, and defiantly did not compare with the monster of a meal we had the night before.
I forget what this was called, but it had eggs, bacon, a cheese, ham (I think), I know there was a sauce...but I forget what it was. Regardless, André and I did finish it...all.. :)
My train back to school didn't leave until later that afternoon (evening almost), so we spent the rest of the day down on South Street.

If you are ever in Philly, do check out South Street. Lots of cool shops over there, and plenty to do. We grabbed some steaks at Jim's (not nearly as good as Pat's) and concluded the trip with a stop at a shop who's name I can't remember, but was defiantly worth stopping in.

André helped lug some of my stuff, and we walked back to City Hall to catch the subway back to 30th. In a classic romance movie ending, Andre and I hugged, and said our goodbyes as I walked down the stairs to the platform.

The train back to NYC was easy and uneventful. The wind not nearly as bad as it was when I left, so the walk to Grand Central was also uneventful. With time to kill, I bought a Gyro at a vendor outside Grand Central, and ate it on the train while waiting for it to pull out of the platform. I caught the shuttle back to my dorm.

Overall, defiantly a fun trip!

So, I still owe you blogs about my NYC trips, and my 2nd Philly trip.

I go to Boston this weekend, so expect something on that. Then I to Philly for a third time next weekend..busy busy.

OH! I also went to Canada just this weekend. Not sure if I'll blog about that (unless you like 8 hour bus rides....)

Also, feel free to buy me something off my Amazon Wish list haha...:)

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not a Real Blog Post

I'm bad at this updating thing. I still owe you Philly, and I've already collected more city stories, another trip to Philly, and a trip to Canada this weekend! Yikes!

Anyway, I set up an Amazon Wish List, ya know... if you feel generous ....:o)
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