Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've decided to try and blog everyday for a month.
This post fills that requirement.

1 day, no far so good...
but stupid cookies are so hard to resist. I just need to throw out that box...I bought all healthy things except the cookies dammit!

Not to interrupt...

Not to get in the way of my new Chicago story, but I particularly love this video...and hapen to enjoy a few of the things parodied in it:

Chicago - Friday pt. 1

I promise I'll get around to uploading some of the photos I took with my iPhone over the weekend (count the 'I's' in that sentence!). But for now I'll try to give a brief rundown of what occurred over during the period in which Chicago was the setting.

Friday pt.1

I woke up at around 7am to the horrible sound of my phone alarm (imagine the stock "red alert" style alarm sound, often heard in naval movies when the ship gets hit), twice. I had forgotten to pick up my laundry from the wash/fold place the day before, so I threw on the previous days clothes and ran down to grab my fresh folded laundry. That done, I took out my carry-on and just threw the already folded clothes into it, 4 pairs of socks, 4 boxers, 4 shirts, and 1 pair of pants (I would be wearing the 2nd pair). Now while I was only going to be in the windy city for a few days, I like to keep extra pairs of everything just in case, except pants because I wear jeans, and lets face it, jeans are tough... not to mention I only have 4 pairs on jeans, and one was already dirty.
Look, jeans can last you a good long while if you haven't been doing anything in them. On the road, I wore my jeans for up to 5 or 6 days straight without a wash.
In any case, I went downstairs again to grab the required egg sandwich from the local café/diner/corner sandwich place.

I was scheduled for American Airlines flight 321, an MD-80 from LaGuardia to O'Hare, set to depart at 11:35. I made my way down stairs with all my crap to go and grab a cab. However, an open cab is scarce in my part of Brooklyn, especially at this time in the morning. In an attempt to remedy this, I asked the security woman at the desk if should would mind calling me a cab. She made a call, and insisted that I stay inside. Strange, I thought, but sure, whatever. As the time kept ticking away, and I still wasn't seeing a cab outside, but I saw two cabs drive nearby, and asked if it was a city cab she had called. A long winded 'no' came back, and I promptly told her to call them back, tell them never mind, and walked out before she could object.
I'm not going to pay for shitty gypsy cab, or faux car service to take me to the airport.
In any case, I quickly hailed a cab on the corner and was one my way.

Boring entry, but at least it's something. When I get my head straight, I keep going with the more juicy details on my trip, and how much I enjoyed it.

On a separate note, I'll be using the blog to keep track of my 2nd attempt to drop caffeine from the system. I was successful for a long time, and then I started to drink tea again. While actually good for you if you have the right tea, I feel it is probably better that I just abandon the whole substance rather than keep drinking it. Although, I do enjoy tea...
In any case, I'm also using the new drive as a way to stop eating candy as well, and start eating better, exercising.
I have a lot of though, and a lot of talk, but no walk. Maybe I have commitment problems? I also don't like spending

Peace, Love, and Bonsai Trees.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Did you know that Chicago is actually called the windy city because of the hot political climate, and all the hot air blowing out of politicians mouths? Nothing to do with actual wind... although plenty of that too...

I'll have a full report of what I'm doing here, why I came, and how it was when I get a chance to actually sit down, write, and think.
Trying not to neglect the blog so much.

Tea is your friend,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've made mistakes, and I feel like I can not overcome the steep learning curve, and at the same time feel like I am unable, unwilling, or just don't feel the need to keep at this.

I have a few options left, and I intend to explore all of them. For now, stay the execution and try to accomplish at least mediocre, but even that feels like a shot to the gut.

Monday, October 15, 2007



I don't need to say more. The video is funny enough on its own (even if you haven't the slightest idea what these new fangled "video games" are).

Monday, October 08, 2007

Academics n' Insomnia

Yay old procrastination habits!
I may have been too easy on myself this semester. There is no balance at all, I'm all out of whack. I've had little difficulty with all but one of my classes. Let me explain:

All but one of my classes are in the afternoons, so I can sleep in, but I'm done in time to have my day. Not to mention, most of the classes are very laid back. I enjoy the lax attitudes, but that combined with their scheduled times has lead me to not start papers until very near their due dates. It also completely crushed my study habits. As a result, the one difficult class has multiplied in difficulty ten fold. Japanese requires constant study to keep up, but I don't feel any pressure to actually study for it...even though I really DO want to learn it.

All this has lead to my sleep schedule being thrown off too. I went to bed at 3am the other night, and woke up at! 5pm!

I'm going to try and get a little more zen, start talking more afternoon walks (perhaps start a morning jog), and start drinking real good hot tea, instead of the canned Arizona green tea I keep buying for $0.99 at the corner store.


PS: Yet to order internet steak, will do so soon.