Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Yet a Rooted Tree of Wisdom, More Like a Bonsai of Awesome... (Wisdom is Assumed). Did I mention the Bonsai has Wheels! And Jet Engines?! Woo!

In my efforts to not remain in one place for very long, I'm going to what is essentially Baltimore, MD, then up to Rhode Island, and down to Connecticut this weekend. I'm booked on the 10am Acela Express out of Penn Station on Friday for the 2.5hr train ride down. While I would have preferred flying, the train is a cheaper, and probably faster option what with security and actually GETTING to a New York area airport.

I intend to meet up with my father in Maryland go to the show, and travel with the tour until Sunday night, at which point I'm automagically going to end up back here (read: not sure... It'll get figured out eventually).

Not much to report on the Brooklyn side, loving my Film Studies class (Art of Film, very Hitchcock centric right now..and I love every second of it), and Japanese is proving to really put my procrastination and motivation sides at war with each other (I WANT to learn..but I don't want to learn...wtf?).

Oh, and my good friend Erik (transiit, his blog [mmm...donut] is linked in the side bar...too lazy to link it right here), helped out the cause and bought me (the poor, starving college student!) an amazon gift certificate for use in the purchase of Omaha Steaks.
I'm going to place the order off amazon (you are reading that right...internet steak!) on Saturday I think. I do owe you one buddy, I'm finally going to get to use that George Foreman for something other than veggies n' the occasional salmon.

Peace, Love and Rock n' Roll,

PS. I resolve to stop using parens so much (transiit, I spelled your name right, right? Feel free to make fool of me if I didn't).

Friday, September 21, 2007

Brooklyn Pics

Crossing the bridge from the Brooklyn side to the Manhattan side, with the skyline, outlined.
Just before the bridge, near Cadman Plaza
These pics were taken not long after I moved in, so about 2 weeks old. But I still think they are cool :)

Walking the Bridge

A healthy, beautiful thing to do.
And yay for cellphone cameras lack of quality, turning bad shots into good ones.
(it's about 2 weeks old, I just figured I should post it...because it's all cool like)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brooklyn Pizza

Best. In. The. World.

I don't have much to write about still.

Tour ended wonderfully, and it was great to see everyone in LA for the two weeks I was home.
I'm thinking of flying home for a weekend in October or December, I'll let you guys know if I end up doing that.