Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mmm paella...

Hola Madrid!

It's certainly been an interesting few weeks on the road, all sorts of twists and turns that I'm not going to be able to fully explain...:\
I'm just going to say that Madrid is an awesome city with amazing architecture, and an wonderful climate. It's like a nice mix of New York and Los Angeles, only without the coasts. Last night A few of us took a cab downtown to the famous Palace hotel, where we proceeded to walk about for a bit until we stumbled into one of the best Paella places in the city. La Barraca
It was a small, quaint place, tucked in the middle of a narrow street, completely hidden from the hustle bustle of downtown.
I wish I wasn't as tired so I could truthfully, and fully explain how cool this place was, and how great the atmosphere and food was.
Ah well, perhaps when I get a few days off in Rome I'll be able to sit down and actually write a full on blog post, with descriptions and everything.

PS: San Sebastian, Spain is a beautiful city if not a bit touristy. Lisbon was cool, but HOT. Barcelona is like Miami, I didn't get to see much of Lyon, Paris kicked arse even in the rain.
Check the map below if you want to see my progress. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Afternoon all, I know I haven't blogged in a month, but I've been really busy.

Currently, I am in Frankfurt, Germany continuing the tour, and getting work done. If I find time, I'll elaborate. For now, I'm keeping an updated Google map of the stops along the tour. The map gets updated as soon as I get internet access in the new location.

Hope all is well! And remember, I do have skype and iChat, so I'm not completely out of reach :)


Da Google Map