Sunday, October 15, 2006

I owe you a Blog

I know, I know!

Shh you!

Lots to talk about, little time to write it.

  • Not quite hitting it off on the friend level. Expect a full blog on this
  • I'm going to take Japanese (and probably Minor in it)
  • I want to move to the acutal City next year
  • I owe you the rest of the Philly trip
  • I'm doing internet radio! M: 5-6p Th: 345-5p F: 5-6p
  • The friend thing does not bug me, but I'm still trying to find people to do things with. It will get better, I just take a while. (it's always been this way for me).
  • More soon, I swear!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Leaving on a…..Locomotive?

This was last weekend, I forgot I drafted the post. There was no Internet where I was and when I got back I forgot all about this post!

Yes, it’s true! This morning after my computer science class, I took off towards the campus shuttle stop, carry-on and laptop in tow to make my way to the Pleasantville Train Station (pictures on the return, although it will be night). Once aboard the Metro-North train to Grand Central Terminal (one of the most beautiful building by the way, I love commuting through there), I settled in for the long haul (50 minuets). Nothing eventful, but it stopped raining which was nice.
Anyway, I arrived at around 11:40, and took my time walking down 42nd street to 6th ave where I hung a left and heading down to Harold Square. Why you ask? Well I needed a sleeping bag, but more on that later. A quick walk on 33rd and I was in front of the Madison Square Garden (another New York Favorite of mine), and the wind began to howl. No, that way lame, but it did get quite windy. I made my way down the steps into Penn Station, which hasn’t changed since the 1960’s. I swear, it looks almost the same. Defiantly needs an update (it’s kind of a mixture between Terminals 3 and 6 at LAX, if you have been in either).
Regardless, I still had time to kill and decided to walk back up and stand outside, no reason to stay in the muggy station (as a safety measure, Amtrak does not announce track numbers until 15minuets before departure). Nothing happened between then and the time I got on the train (track 13W). So, here I am now, on the train, sitting in car 3 (which looks like it has not changed much from the later 80’s early 90’s, although it has electrical outlets, which is nice), on my way to….oh right, I didn’t tell you. I’m going to Philadelphia! I’m going to meet André and spend the weekend over there, I can smell the cheese steak now!
So, the train is interesting, defiantly a lot less hassle than flying. Full report on Monday when I get back from Philly.
Hope you all are having a good weekend!

P.S. The weekend was great, I'll have another post up soon with more details. It also turns out that they don't announce trakcs in advance, becasue they don't decide until the train is in a yard on the Hudson shore. Thanks Ed!