Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

So, I’m not so great at keeping up. I hold that truth self-evident.

Anyway, I will think of something witty to post about in the next few days. Other than a wedding in New Jersey, there has not been much that I have been up to.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Little Birdie Told me To…

Blog! Although, I’m not sure I can go with anything too interesting. I must lead a boring life. Maybe…? I don’t know. Anyway, Graduation is Thursday and I hope to high hell that it does not last as long as they said it would. Three hours!? I want to go up there, smile, get my diploma and hightail it outta there! I’m ready to go man!
In other news, I recently went to the Flight Path Learning Center. It’s a great museum located on the south side of the Los Angeles International Airport, on the field it’s self. The Center has a great history of the airport it’s self, as well as memorabilia from aviation from the 50’s and on. Flight Attendant uniforms, china, books, cards, magazines, swag, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff is on display. Even better (at least for the planespotters like me) is the ability to walk onto the tarmac of the airport and…planespot! As it turns out, the building was a terminal building at one point, housing a few charter airlines, and the scheduled service from MGM Grand Air. There is lots of history in the building now, and I encourage everyone to check it out for the sheer educational value.
So, I’ll see if I can get some pictures up when I blog next, see if I can find some direction with this blog.