Friday, March 10, 2006

Domain Domination

As Cody puts it: "All good domain names are taken".
However, is not. Do I take it?
I want a good domain for this blog and a personal website.
Let me know!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Beginning of an Era

I decided to start a blog.
Many who know me, know that am not one to usually do this sort of thing (especially considering my hatred of MySpace and all similar sites), however I felt I should hop on this bandwagon, and perhaps get some thoughts and ideas off my chest that I would not get to normally.
The Blog will cover anything from why it sucks to wake up at 7 A.M. to bigger global issues of social injustice, intolerance, pollution, and anything else I can think of.

So What am I all About Anyway?
I am about many things. I am about music, and poetry. I am about knowing left from right, right from wrong and not sitting idly by while the world spins past.
I'm not a hippie, but I'm not devout either. Really, I go with what I believe is right. It can be Left, Right, Center, Up, Down, Whatever. I am about music I love. I am about music that has meaning and depth (or from time to time music that just sounds good). I am about art (whatever that is anyway). I am about movies and peace and love and freedom. I am about respect. Respecting the rights of man. Respecting the fact that we all are different and should be treated as such (not above one or the other, but different. White, Black, Red, Brown, Green, Blue, Tall, Short, Fat, Thin, Old, Young...). I am about many things. Some things I have not quite discovered yet, some I am no longer about. I am about saying what is on my mind, and expressing myself. I am about being real. What you see is what you get.
I am about pretending. I am about being artsy when I am not really that way.

Text is a wonderful thing.
Don't let my rambles fool you, I am down to earth. Sometimes though, I need a vacation.
I can't really write poetry, but I can feel the text I type. Above is about me, it's a little flowery, but it's about me.